Wed 30.10.2024


Celebrating the Music of Rory Gallagher - (Steh & Sitzplatz - Platzwahlfrei)

Irish Blues-Rock guitarist, songwriter Rory Gallagher started out in R&B power trio Taste in 1966. Taste supported Cream and Blind Faith before splitting in 1970 after their appearance at the Isle of Wight Festival.Rory Gallagher starting touring under his own name alongside bassist Gerry McAvoy. Sadly we lost Rory on 14th June 1995, to his devoted fans and followers this was the ultimate tragedy.    Band of Friends is a celebration of his life and music featuring his long-term bassist Gerry McAvoy along with special guests. The claim that, when asked how it felt to be the world’s best guitarist, Jimi Hendrix replied “Why not ask Rory Gallagher?” has long since been debunked as myth. Then there is the story of Rory’s being invited to join the Rolling Stones. The fact of his joining them to jam together seems substantiated, but the details after that are hazy and disputed. What the two stories do tell you however is how highly the G Man was rated in the rock music world of his time. Even now there are a great many tribute bands throughout the world, with every sort of name you could make up out of a Gallagher lyric or album title; From Italy’s ‘Blue Print’ and ‘Big Guns’, through Scotland’s ‘Against the Grain’, Ireland’s ‘Shin Kickers’, England’s ‘Sinnerboy’ and onwards to the bizarrely chosen Norwegians ‘Bearded Lady’ (From the Rory song ‘Tattooed Lady’). Band of Friends are not a tribute band insists Bass man Gerry McAvoy, they are commemorating Rory’s music. Is there a difference between a Tribute and a commemoration? Well if there is, then it’s most likely down to who is in the band and the replacement of Brendan O’Neill on drums after Ted Mckenna’s untimely passing keeps the original Gallagher band quota high, but most importantly of course there is THAT man on bass guitar, Gerry McAvoy…