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Foxtrot & Selling England by the Pound Tour

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From autumn 2023 The Watch will start showcasing 1972 – 1973 Genesis masterpieces “Foxtrot” and “Selling England by the Pound” with a brand new show “FOXTROT & SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND – A Genesis Experience”.
The dramatic Gabrielesque vocals of The Watch singer, closest ever to Peter Gabriel, and the all-round instrumental excellence of the band will give you the opportunity to hear some magnificent songs, like it was back in the days. No other group manages to capture the adventurousness and electricity of Genesis in their pioneering times with quite such raw emotion. just close your eyes and there you are in the seventies!
Steve Hackett (Genesis lead guitarist) says: “The Watch is a band of very talente people and I recommend them.”
Paul Whitehead (Genesis graphic artist): “The band who remind me most of the Genesis magic.”
UK Prog Newsletter: “What’s unique here are the vocals, so very similar to those of a young Peter Gabriel”

THE WATCH is a 5 piece band from Milan. Their music is inspired by classic 70’s style prog-rock. The first album is called “Ghost” released in 2001, than followed “Vacuum” in 2004 and “Primitive” in 2007. Check the discography section to get some musical excerpts from each album. In 2009 the band released its first live album “The Watch live”. Melodies and energy are the main features of The Watch music and live performances are one the strongest characteristics of the band, all the band’s energy and inspiration come out expressly when on stage, where it clearly appears how much they believe in what they do. The line up has changed several times through the years, only Simone Rossetti, founder and composer of the band is still there from the very beginning… according to Simone’s words nowadays the band has the best line up ever !

From 2009 The Watch are bringing on stage shows focused on Genesis albums with the attempt of blending great Genesis classic albums from the 70ies with their own music. Counting on Simone’s voice similarity to Peter Gabriel’s one, this formula has worked very well and allowed the band to play in big stages, widening their audience and growing in number of fans. Now The Watch are considered one of the most representative bands on the actual prog scene worldwide and an example of what could have become prog-rock music if big prog rock names of the 70ies hadn’t split or changed style of music, evolving from the 70ies to nowadays.

In 2010 the band released “Planet Earth” and in 2011 “Timeless” a celebration of some very early days Genesis tunes adding of course some original music too.

After that the band released a new album on February 2014, called “Tracks from the Alps” and from march 2014 on they went on tour all over Europe wide adding some gigs in Canada

The Watch announced their seventh studio album “Seven” in May 2017, with a brilliant special guest, Mr Steve Hackett. The Watch proudly announce the new studio album ‘The Art Of Bleeding’ available worldwide on September 24th 2021. After a huge and three years long composing process, for the first time, The Watch has ventured into the world of the concept album! Five stories that revolve around the idea of cathartic violence. A musical theme developed in various ways to create different atmospheres. A disc to immerse yourself in and let yourself go!