Sat 14.03.2020


Bereits gekaufte Tickets können an den jeweiligen Vorverkaufsstellen zurückgegeben werden

Bereits gekaufte Tickets können an den jeweiligen Vorverkaufsstellen zurückgegeben werden

The Kream is a live tribute band to the brilliant psychedelic rock of Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker in their revolutionary band Cream as well as in their solo projects. The Berlin-based band is made up of seasoned pros who capture the live improvisational spirit of the era. By melding their love and dedication to this music together with high musical standards, the band puts on a show that brings this spectacular music back to life on stages across Europe.

JULIAN HUBERT – Bass, Vocals

Julian Hubert grew up in Wiesbaden and started with piano before switching to guitar, bass and vocals. He moved to Berlin to study at the Berlin College for Popular Music where he studied guitar with Robert Kessler. He has since then worked with many bands including Doors of Perception from 2016-2018 (Europe’s leading live tribute to The Doors), Guy Chambers, Younotus und Julie Engelbrecht. Since 2018 he has performed as a principal member in musicals Manma Mia and Pretty Woman .

JAKOB DEIDER – Guitar, Vocals

Jacob Deider was born and raised in Berlin and has performed regularly on stages in Berlin and throughout Germany since 2012. He co-founded Nor Really Blues Band  in 2013 where in addition to writing songs, playing guitar and singing backing vocals, he is also the band’s manager.
He has shared the stage with Berlin blues legends Jan Hirte and Guitar Crusher, Creedence Clearwater Revived, singer-songwriter J.-Ann Wilson, Marcos Coll, Kat Baloun and East German legends Zenit. Jakob is also a highly welcome and frequent guest guitarist in the Berlin session scene.


Robert Cummings is a drummer and producer from Canada who owns and operates Hot Milk Studio in Berlin. As a drummer he has toured and recorded with Europes’s preeminent live tribute band Doors of Perception from 2009-2018. He also enjoyed stints with the cult German theater show Die Geschwister Pfister, Berlin’s legendary!/ Hippies  as well as Denis Fischer, Romy Haag and many others. As a studio producer/engineer, he regularly works with Henry Ernst (Fanfare Ciocarlia, Dzambo, Asphalt Tango Records), Michael Beckmann und Tom Stöwer (Becktone, Film und TV), Jeff Mezzrow (Blue Man Group), Benedikt Stehle (Mousse T, Alexander von Knappe), Robinson Sartorius (Michael Patrick Kelly), Sandhy Sondoro, Nathalie Dorra, Fetsum, Esther Cowens, Sedric Perry, Rodrigo Santamaria and many more.