Fri 06.03.2020


Guns & Roses Tribute

Einlasszeit: 19:00

Konzertbeginn: 20:00






The story began in May, 2012. True story, with real people, drama, and happiness, at times failures, success, gigs, and experiences. It did not seem to be a great idea to start another Guns n’ Roses tribute band back then in 2012, since there were at least 5 GNR tributes already existing in Hungary. However, Reckless Roses started off. Not even the band’s closest friends thought that it would last for long, because the team didn’t have any connections, managers, nor organizers. “What new things can you show in this genre?” It was reasonable to ask such a question, and nobody managed to unambiguously answer it.

The band started to perform gigs pretty soon; Reckless Roses was in Germany on 06/01/2012 already. At that year, 5 concerts were held in Germany, and numerous in Hungarian festivals and clubs. Maybe the popularity began to come up due to the video made for You Could Be Mine. It was recorded in the rehearsal room, with low-quality equipment, hence the sound was not the best.

Despite, it triggered the popularity of the band, so that by the second half of 2012, there were about 2 or 3 concerts a month, and in the end of the year, 3 succeeding German shows formed a kind of tour.

By January, 2013, there began to be more and more misunderstandings, and pressure inside the band. Most of the problems could have been because of alcohol, and the lack of fairness, and as a consequence, Dani Kuti and Jani Stuller had to leave the band. Soon, Gábriel Gaál (rhythm guitar) and Csabi Vass (lead guitar) joined, and after a few rehearsals, the shows went on in the regular manner. The new line-up had its first concert in the event “Szent László Napok”, in Budapest, where approximately 2000 people appeared. From that point, the band was becoming more mature; this affected Reckless Roses in a positive way.

In August, Ricsi Szabolcski moved Germany, so we had to find our new bass guitarist: Nicki Reckles. In 2013, the band was invited to Switzerland, the motorcycle show held at Sirok, to Germany, Debrecen, and several other national and international events. That year was ended with a tour in Switzerland, including 3 shows.

For a short period of time, Atesz (drums) wasreplaced by Sizzle Star, and Csabi Vass by Kelly. The main reason was that the band’s views, concepts about music didn’t really correspond, and it seemed better to have five guys with same goals and views. It appeared to be a very great line-up, with upcoming successes throughout the country. In April, the band played in Bulgaria for the first time, and went straight to Germany. Besides, the guys made their second official video clip for the song “November Rain”, which also resulted in success. On the 1st of June, Atesz – one of the original members – rejoined the band, and hence almost the whole line-up changed: Peter Simon came to be the new lead guitarist, and Dani Kármán was welcomed as the new bass guitarist. On the 6th of June, the band’s summer tour started in Germany with two shows (Mannheim and Aalen). During the tour, the band is visiting Croatia, Belgium, Germany, Budapest, Tiszafüred, Tata, Komárom and last, but not least the Czech Republic.

In the fall of 2014, the band started to work on their first own song, which they recorded in December. In that year, Reckless Roses performed the opening acts for the Hungarian band “Zanzibar” throughout the country; besides, of course, continuing their own shows.

From June to December, the band played through 10 countries, and gave 50 concerts in 2014 in total. The year ended with a German tour, with 3 shows.

The group’s first own song was published in March, 2015, and in the same month they started working on the video for it. It was shot in Roncs Bar (Debrecen, Hungary), where Duff McKagan himself performed in the preceeding year. Attila Borbely, and his professional crew helped the band for two long and busy days to record the video. The first official video for a Reckless Roses song came out in June, 2015.

And the story still goes on