Fri 07.12.2018


Karl Terry - Suzie & the Seniors - John Law & the Tremors , Ecki Hofmann

Einlasszeit: 19:00

Konzertbeginn: 20:00



Achtung Programm Änderung – (durch ein verletzung) fählt Kingsize Taylor  aus !

Wir haben John Law & the Tremors als “ersatz” gewonnen



Karl Terry

Terry’s original band The Gamblers pre dated the Merseybeat era by a few years as he put that band together in 1956 (also known as The Teen Aces). The band included The Swinging Blue Jeans Les Braid.

In 1957 the band became Karl Terry and The Cruisers and the legend was born. Even to this date Terry is still performing in his legendary style from the 60s Merseybeat era.

Terry is a true lover and believer in original rock and roll and has remained faithful to this style throughout the past 50 plus years.

It is not just the material he sings and plays, but also the clothes he wears of drapes and suede shoes which recreate the rock and roll era.

DJ Bob Wooler who seemed to have a knack for nick naming band members called him The Sheik of Shake when he performed on the famous Cavern stage.

By 1961 the band had become a professional unit and was voted number 9 in the local Merseybeat poll. Later the same year, on October 19th to be precise, a super group appeared at Litherland Town Hall.

The bands lineup was – Karl Terry and Gerry Marsden (vocals), George Harrison (guitar), Paul McCartney, Les Chadwick (bass), Pete Best, Freddy Marsden (drums) and John Lennon (piano).

The band were called The Beatmakers and that was the only ever performance. I wonder how many people remember that night?

The band split up in 1963 for a short time and Terry worked with a few different bands including The Delameres (a Geordie group), moving on to join The TTs with some of The Clayton Squares, forming ‘The T Squares’ who worked in Germany for a time.

He also worked with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes but in 1967 it was once again Karl Terry and the Cruisers. Surprisingly throughout this time Karl and the band had not recorded anything.

It was not until 1978 that they made their first recording I’m Gonna be a Wheel Somedam.

The bands line up changed regularly and had included Gaz Gaskell, Brian Jones and Mike Kearns on sax, Bob Hardy on guitar, Den Swale on bass and Tommy McGuire on drums. And there are more Vince Railton, Dave Gore the list goes on. Lately he has had Johnny Diamond on guitar, an amazing country and rockabilly player who suited Terry’s style perfectly.

Whoever is playing with Karl Terry the band truly rock. Terry has recorded 14 of his original songs and intends to record more in the not too distant future.

Plakat Auftritt A2 - SuZie & The Seniors

Suzie & the Seniors

Die Original 60‘s Beatband aus Hamburg nimmt Sie mit auf eine musikalische Reise in die Zeit von 1962 bis 1969. „Twist & Shout“ ist das Motto einer von Suzie gekonnt moderierten, energiegeladenen, tollen Show.

Suzie & The Seniors gingen 2005 mit Begeisterung an den Start.Die Mission: Den Beat zurückzubringen! Beat wie im legendären Star-Club!

Das Programm: Abwechslungsreich und absolut authentisch mit einem sehr hohen Wiedererkennungswert, denn alle Titel waren seinerzeit in den Hitparaden vertreten!  Chartstürmer der Beatles, Rolling Stones, Hollies, Monkees, Beach Boys, Searchers,Troggs, Kinks, Animals u.v.a.m. erinnern an eine unvergessene Epoche!

Die Band ist übrigens eine Art „Familienunternehmen“, denn Suzie ist die Tochter von Knut und dessen Bruder Ralf ist ihr Onkel! Nicht nur die Gebrüder Hartmann, schon seit über 40 Jahren mit der bekannten Rock’n’Roll Band Franny & The Fireballs unterwegs, sind glücklich über die zündende Idee der quirligen Sängerin den Beat zurückzubringen.

Als alte Star-Club Gänger sind sie echte Zeitzeugen und haben zudem schon in den 60er Jahren in diversen Beatgruppen gespielt! Die „Beatniks von der Binnenalster“ verwandeln JEDE Location in einen stampfenden,

kochenden Beatkeller!

Suzie & The Seniors sind:

Patricia „Suzie“ Butt geb. Hartmann – Vocal, Mundharmonika, Blockflöte

Ralf „Franny Hartmann – Sologitarre, Vocal

Knut „Mr. Beat“ Hartmann – Rhythmusgitarre, Vocal

Olaf Kuchenbecker – Bassgitarre

Christian Kieviet – Schlagzeug