Fri 07.04.2017


im Rahmen "55 Jahre Star Club" Festival

Phil May – voc.

Dick Taylor – guitar

Frank Holland – guitar

George Woosey – bass

Jack Greenwood – drums


The Pretty Things are perhaps the great lost band of the 1960s. Under-appreciated in their native Britain and all but unknown in the United States, the band was nonetheless influential. That they still play gigs and record after over forty years of existence is rather remarkable too.

The group’s best-known record was a 1968 psychedelic rock opera called S. F. Sorrow. Although it sold poorly, the record has only grown in stature since, cited by The Who as an influence on Tommy, and cited by more modern bands who continue to explore similar challenging avenues of music.

Live, then, an expanded Pretty Things lineup often focuses on material from that record. Still, the band also had an early, R&B phase (think of a more menacing version of the early Rolling Stones, a group that Pretty Things guitarist Dick Taylor was once a member of) and a later phase where they edged right up to 1970s heavy metal.

The Pretties are still spry enough to switch easily between all those styles, and deliver their material with a surprising amount of vibrance and enduring vitality. It’s also a bit of a nod to their influence that the band currently plays larger venues in front of far more adoring audiences than they ever did in the ’60s.Indeed, it’s hard to imagine that the group will soon be celebrating their 50th anniversary of playing together.

Singer Phil May can still belt it out, and Taylor and his cohorts can still play, and songs like “Walking Through My Dreams” and “Defecting Grey” still sound every bit as wonderful as they did for those smart enough to have heard them the first time. The Pretties are a fantastic live concert event and an absolute treasure. By all means go see them while they’re still around.