Mon 27.08.2018


special guests Duane Betts


 When your surname is synonymous with one of the most revered forebears ofseminal  Sou thern Rock as well as archetypical Americana, it’s incumbent on youto honor that legacy and the music on which it was built. It’s little wonder then that Devon Allman, son of the late Gregg Allman (Allman Brothers) and an accomplished
singer,songwriter and guitarist in his own right, should opt to launch a new band along with a series of high profile performances, the latest chapters in an already storied solo career.
Allman, the former lynchpin behind such bands as the Royal Southern Brotherhood and Honeytribe, has assembled The Devon Allman Project, a six pieceensemble featuring a percussionist/multi instrumentalist, a Hammond B3 player, and an additional guitarist.Duane Betts, son of Allman Brothers co-founder Dicky Betts will join the Devon Allman Project as a special guest from March through September for a full-blown international tour. “It’s such an amazing thrill to have Duane joining us for these upcoming dates,” Allman enthused. “In many ways, it brings us both full circle.“In most markets 1-2 special guests will join the band creating a unique jam culminating in an encore that includes Allman Brothers songs among other classics. “We share an incredible legacy, and it’s truly an honor to renew that bond our dads created to a new generation of their admirers and those that have loved the music we’ve made on our own. Having an Allman and a Betts playing together once again will surely make my father smile down at me from above.”
A series of lengthy accomplishments have entitled Devon to take his own place in the Southern Rock pantheon. His remarkable resume spans almost twodecades, from his post-millennial breakout with Honeytribe, and the widely revered super group Royal Southern Brotherhood. Devon has also had occasionto jam with the greats such as Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Mr. Les Paul, Keith Urban,Gov’t Mule and Lynyrd Skynyrd just to name a few. Through his run of successful solo albums, “Turquoise” was highly regarded by USA Today, “Turquoise is
reflective and soulful” while “Ride or Die” hit #1 on the Billboard Blues Charts.Devon is also a contributing writer to Guitar Player Magazine as wll as serving onthe Board of Directors for the National Blues Museum in St. Louis, Missouri.

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